C.A.C.I (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) Treatments

Non-surgical face lifting by micro-current therapy has now become an established part of conventional beauty treatment. The advanced technology within CACI QUANTUM expands this technique to bring you a wide range of treatments to restore youthful looks. Soften lines and wrinkles, tone flaccid facial muscles.

C.A.C.I Body Re-Shaping (Full Body)

The gentle yet powerful muscle movement generated by CACI QUANTUM are equivalent to up to 360 leg-lifts, 360 press-ups, all within 40 minutes session.Energy is drawn from the surrounding fat deposits. This combination leads to inch loss, particularly during the early treatments. The treatments involves:

  • C.A.C.I  lymphatic  draining detox
  • C.A.C.I lifting treatment (bum,boobs and belly)
  • C.A.C.I body toning treatments